Financing your studies abroad or a semester abroad: Overview of student loans for studying abroad. An overview of the possibilities of financing your studies. A student loan would be the right thing to do. The Across Lender student loan and the education loan are explained below as examples. An overview of these and other student loans can be found here.

Overview of the range of funding, bachelor’s and master’s programs and student loans

Overview of the range of funding, bachelor

Medicine is one of the oldest courses ever. Medicine should not fail in terms of funding, which is why the federal government supports students in their teaching. The German state funding right to claim and the amount depend on the salary of the legal guardian and are paid out every month. Further information on German state funding can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education in Germany.

A useful variant or extension of the German state funding through a scholarship or support program is interesting. Here you will find a very good specialist book with information on how to apply for 400 scholarships and support programs: Student loans are low-interest loans that are usually available after graduation. Because you receive an above-average income after successfully completing your studies and, given your current work situation, you will very likely get a job immediately after studying, the associated risk potential for a student loan is relatively low.

You can find more information about student loans here: You may find the appropriate application on the following website:…:

German state funding, student loans and more

German state funding, student loans and more

As a student at a state university, you can request state funding according to the Education Promotion Act. Half of the payments from the German state funding are non-repayable donors and half are non-interest-bearing bonds. Five years after the end of the regular course of study, half of the entire scholarship is paid back in male installments without interest. The German state funding is to be claimed in writing on the forms provided by the responsible agency for educational support.

The German state funding office of the Erlangen-Nuremberg student union is responsible for the students of the Wilhelm Löhe University. The German state funding office can be found here online: During the study visit, many students work as research assistants at the WLH. With an activity of, for example, 10 hours / week, tuition fees can be paid for a full-time Bachelor’s degree. The activity can be combined well with the lectures and most of the time you learn a lot: be it in a research project, in the marketing area or in the student organization.

The education bonus is a state education bonus for Bachelor students from the third semester (Master: anytime). In contrast to German state funding, the educational loan is granted depending on one’s own salary and capital as well as on that of the parents or partners. Due to the state’s default liability, the educational loan can be granted at a very low interest rate. Note: In the Across Lender online application form, research under “Loehe Universität Wilhelm” and “Fürth” to find the WLH.

In addition to the Across Lender development bank, the DK, the DK and the DK can be named as supra-regional institutions.

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