The Mortgage Credit is not only for those people who work in a dependency relationship, but there are many options for independent employees, such as freelancers, freelancers, those who have their own business or retirees. A summary is on

Being an independent worker is not an impediment to access a Mortgage Credit. The alternatives that currently exist are based on savings, a means by which banking and financial institutions can assess punctuality and ability to pay.


There are different products to get a Mortgage Credit

Mortgage Credit

If you are autonomous, independent or monotributist. For example, the one that allows to contract the loan for the acquisition of a home (new or used) in a term of 5 to 25 years, with a minimum down payment of 10% of the total value and the maximum amount of credit and installment according to capacity of payment. This can be demonstrated through the savings, rent-to-buy, paid-rent, or good-payer scheme.

In addition, there is a system called “self-financing”, which is divided into two phases: the savings phase and the loan payment phase. In the first, it is necessary to be part of a group of savers, who have the same obligation to raise a certain amount of money in a predetermined period.


Downpayment for a mortgage credit

mortgage credit

All the participants contribute resources to pay the down payment and one is the one who gets the loan. If a person decides to enter this system without paying the down payment, they must first contract and then pay a registration, which is usually 4% of the value of the contract. The next step is to pay, month by month, the allocations that were designated according to the amount of the property, to collect 60 monthly payments, that is, 5 years.

Finally, a good alternative if the salary received each month is low but you earn a lot in commissions: you can aspire to a larger loan, if these payments are reflected in the integrated salary, that is, they are paid under receipt. It is ideal for catalog sellers, waiters, hotel cleaning, and other jobs where tipping is customary.

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